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Posted by: lprinz on 19/04/2012
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Children who were kidnapped by Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army endured unspeakable trauma. Girls as young as 12 were forced into sexual slavery and were raped repeatedly. Often given to commanders as ‘wives’, they spent more time in the bush than boys. Returning was harder for them because they often had babies in tow – known as ‘bush babies’ – and were consequently shunned by their community and forced to bring up their children alone. Their babies are also discriminated against because they are “children of the rebels.”


These former abductees, having missed out on years of schooling while in the bush, now find themselves helping to support their families, with no prospect of completing their education. Our Lioness scholarship fund enables these former child soldiers to complete their education. For young people who were kidnapped by the Lord’s Resistance Army, it represents the chance of a lifetime.


For those hungry to complete their education, and demonstrating the need, commitment, and ability, the costs of their schooling up to and including ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels are fully paid for. These students have the chance to attend the best schools, with access to excellent teaching and teaching materials, for the duration of their education.