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Posted by: lprinz on 24/04/2012
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In 2009 the Rwanda Multi Learning Centre, Network for Africa’s English literacy and computer training school, opened the ReGeneration Music Centre. It was founded by two talented volunteers, Amy Stead and David Wald, who are both trained musicians and teachers. The Centre offers group and individual music lessons, including guitar, piano and singing. It also has a choir and band, with students of all ages drawing on Rwandese, African and Western music traditions. There are music theory, aural awareness and song writing classes to complement the practical training offered.


The ReGeneration Music Centre intends to build relationships within the wider community in Kigali and beyond by offering music outreach classes, concerts and workshops. More than 70 Learning Centre students have taken music lessons, and some keen students have formed a choir.


Music can reach and heal people when words fail, and our eventual aim is to provide basic music therapy to aid in trauma counselling and recovery. It is an effective way to encourage young people to learn new skills and interact with each other, whilst instilling confidence and discovering new talent.